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A weekly comedic podcast in which two massive film buffs countdown a topic from 10-1 while throwing shade at the other‘s list.

May 31, 2022

Top 10 Criterion Collection Films

Countdown #374


This week, with thanks to top level Patron and all round legendary individual, Étienne Fillion-Sauve, the boys are counting down the best films released as part of the Criterion Collection.


Given the Criterion Collection is known as the cinephile's wet dream, with the films included being all about method acting and mood lighting and deep sub-text, Paul and Wayne were always going to struggle. But they decided to make it harder on themselves still, by dismissing the films they always talk about , thereby limiting themselves to those that might be somewhat novel for the long-term fans of the show. Something which is especially hard if - like Wayne - you've only seen 28 of the films within the Collection ...

How will it all shake out? And as a result of these lists, will the show never again have a cinephile listen to an episode? Find out as The Countdown continues ...


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