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A weekly comedic podcast in which two massive film buffs countdown a topic from 10-1 while throwing shade at the other‘s list.

June 14, 2022

The Countdown Vs Movie Reviews in 20 Qs - Top 10 Most Arousing Film Scenes

Countdown #376


The Show Vs Show format is back, as the Movie Reviews in 20 Qs guys - Sam and Matiu - join Wayne and Paul to countdown the Top 10 Most Arousing Film Scenes of all time.


So, dear listener, you have to ask yourself what could be more entertaining than four middle-aged, straight men discussing what got them hot under the collar when they were in their teens through to more recent years? The answer, of course, is how readily each embarrasses themselves in such a public forum, all in the desperate attempt to earn a laugh. 
Find out how who has a thing for fingers and goes phalanges to phalanges with he who has a thing for toes. Learn who leans fairly heavily toward same-sex scenes when two women are involved, and who constantly refers to slamming a$$es, but may not actually be referring to back door action when doing so.
Sadly. there were some major technical issues on the Australian end of this recording - the NZ end is immaculate (of course) - so please accept Paul and Wayne's apologies for this one not being up the usual standards of the show. Hopefully, there's enough here for you to enjoy regardless of that, as The Countdown continues ...

Oh and please thank Sam and Matiu for their time by listening to their awesome show!


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