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September 25, 2018

Episode 182: The Countdown vs Epic Film Guys - Top 10 Raunchy Teen Comedies

Genitals. Everyone has them. And back in the '80s they were all the rage to show on screen. So this week Paul and Wayne invited their oldest podcasting buddies, the Epic Film Guys, Nick and Justin, on to battle over the Top 10 Raunchy Teen Comedies! Which show will triumph with the superior list of comedies featuring late teens obsessively focusing on sex, genitalia, and losing their virginity? 

Only you can decide, and this one promises to be the closest ever as both shows demonstrate VERY similar thinking when it comes to the topic at hand. 

The Ep also features one of the funniest moments ever recorded for the show, as one of the list-makers reveals something extremely personal from his experimental youth (for which you simply cannot possibly be prepared).

So sit back with a box of tissues, some hand lotion, and a raging ... intent to laugh, as The Countdown continues!

Time Stamps:

Recount: 2:20 - 9:16

Top 10 Last 9:16 - 1:12:07

Pop 10: 1:12:07 - 1:16:24

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