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February 22, 2020

Fantasy Island & The Call of the Wild reviewss

February strikes again with the release of a film so terrible, the guys were forced to add a second review to the mix to strike some kind of balance. So it is that Paul briefly talks about the new Hazza Ford film, The Call of the Wild, based on the classic Jack London novel, before both the guys tear Blumhouse's Fantasy Island a new one
Jason Blum and Jeff Wadlow (the team behind the abysmal Truth or Dare) this time present a weird horror version of the 1970s TV show, and surprise surprise, it is a truly terrible experience.
Can the guys make head or tall of one of the most ridiculous scripts in recent Hollywood history? How does Paul's love/hate relationship with Blumhouse Pictures fare after sitting through this one? And who rates this largely according to the attraction he has to one of the characters?
Find out as The Countdown continues ...
Time Stamps:
The Call of the Wild SPOILER-FREE Brief Review: 0:00 - 4:50
Fantasy Island SPOILER-FREE Review : 4:50 - 17:16
Fantasy Island SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 17:16 - 24:40
Final Thoughts Including Potential Spoilers: 24:40 - 25:50
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