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July 19, 2016

Episode 68: Top 10 Psychological Thrillers / Ghostbusters / Our Kind of Traitor

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In this week's big episode, Wayne starts by offering his NON-SPOILER filled review of Ghostbusters to Paul, who has yet to see the much-discussed reboot. Then both buys settle in to review the latest John le Carré spy thriller, Our Kind of Traitor.

And then, because there's already been a Countdown concerning Spy films, Paul and Wayne branch out slightly to talk the best ever Psychological Thrillers. Rest assured, things remain relatively harmonious this Ep, almost as if the guys are still stinging from their back-and-forth last week...

In other exciting news, the Countdown is participating in a Word Salad Network fundraiser by raffling off a future episode. In short, the winner will get to pick the film or TV related topic for an episode that Paul and Wayne will do. So go to and donate $5 for one ticket into the draw, $6 for 2 tickets, $7 for 3, and so forth. The winner will be drawn on Aug 1st.

#PodernFamily promos spun in this episode are for the excellent Quadcast @QuadFatherMft, and those lovable barflies of the Afterburn 739 Podcast @afterburn739.

Then, of course, there's also a promo for the show's US brothers, Nick and Justin, aka The Epic Film Guys. Nick covered for Wayne in his absence so go back to check out those episodes if you missed them (54-56). And then show the guys some love by rating, subscribing and reviewing this amazing show at and checking out the EFG’s website at

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