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February 9, 2016

Episode 45: The Music Extravaganza (w/ Gareth’s Random Ramblings)

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That special type of Countdown Chaos reigns this week as Paul and Wayne attempt TWO countdowns targeting music and musicians and their role in films. And to help with the first of those countdowns - namely, which non-musician actors offer the best singing performances - the guys call upon Gareth and Bex from Gareth's Random Ramblings podcast to add their lists!

Controversy quickly brews as the guests offer a few picks from so far out of left field even Wayne can't see them from his normal position. These make for much head-scratching, mock offence and, most importantly, plenty of laughs!

Then the guys settle back down to countdown the best films featuring a musician turned actor - and once again things get controversial on a podcast that might have bitten off more than it could chew!

All this AND the guys re-cast The Usual Suspects in their Cool For Cast segment (because that's totally a musical), as well as promos for @FYFCpodcasts and @thepoopculture - two fantastic #PodernFamily shows you should check out!

Huge thanks to Gareth and Bex for appearing on the show! Please have a look at their site at and leave them a rating and review at or tweet them at @enozoria and @Bex131

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