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A weekly comedic podcast in which two massive film buffs countdown a topic from 10-1 while throwing shade at the other‘s list.

January 29, 2019

Episode 200: YOUR Top 20 Favourite Films of All Time!

201 weeks ago Wayne and Paul kicked off their dinky little podcast, dropping themselves in among the billion other shows that feature a couple of guys reviewing what they've watched. There was one week where an Ep failed to drop due to ill health, but otherwise, the lads have week in and week out continued to review things they've watched and count down topics relating to film and (very occasionally) television. And somehow they've made it here: Episode 200.

They might still be just another film review show among countless others, but now they have a loyal group of listeners, and it is to YOU that this Ep is dedicated. Every single one of you who has ever downloaded and listened to an Ep of the show. Because this one is all about YOUR Top 20 favourite films of all time!

Having collated a list of 385 films from 81 listeners, Paul and Wayne reveal your Top 20 amid the usual banter, bad language, and questionable euphemisms you've come to expect. AND, to mark this special occasion, there's even a one-off update to the Soundboard which should please long-term fans.

So kick back and enjoy the 200th Countdown, and know that it is all down to YOU that the show will continue on toward 300 Eps!


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