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June 19, 2018

Episode 168: Top 10 Kids Films That Are Equally Great for Adults / Incredibles 2

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This week Wayne and Paul allow their inner children to reign supreme (so, basically, it's a typical show) as they review Incredibles 2 and then countdown the best kids films which are equally great for adults. It's parent versus non-parent, but just how different do the lists end up being? Find out as The Countdown continues ...

(P.S. If you've checked back into the show after all the massive server problems last week, you're awesome. Thank you!)

Time Stamps:

Recount: 3:22 - 9:17 Incredibles 2 NON-SPOILER Review: 9:17 - 17:54 Incredibles 2 SPOILER-FILLED Thoughts: 17:54 - 26:17 Top 10 Films That Are Equally Great For Adults: 26:17 - 1:02:33 Listener Feedback: 1:02:33 - 1:07:36

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