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May 22, 2018

Episode 164: Top 10 Action-Comedy Movies / Deadpool 2

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Seriously, who doesn't love action comedies? They make you laugh, they require no brain power, and then some sh#t blows up. Entertainment!

This week, Paul and Wayne dive slow-mo through the air firing guns and quipping at each other as they count down their top ten action comedies! Because, y'know, Action comedies are awesome.

But that''s after they take on the Merc With The Mouth with their massively conflicting takes on Deadpool 2!! One of 'em dug it, the other not so much. (Editor's note: I didn't hate it, you tool. I just don't love it more than my second-born child like you seem to.) Which host will you agree with? Find out as the Countdown continues!

Time Stamps:

Recount: 1:31 – 8:04 Deadpool 2 NON-SPOILER Review: 9:12 – 17:15 Deadpool 2 SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 17:15 – 30:04 Top 10 Action Comedies: 30:46 – 1:07:48 Listener Feedback: 1:07:48 - 1:20:28

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