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May 15, 2018

Episode 163: Top 10 Cyborg Movies / The Karate Kid (1984) / Cobra Kai

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This week in honour of Wayne's newly installed cybernetic hip, the boys countdown the Top 10 Cyborg Films! Not surprisingly, they spend half the time arguing about what films should and should not qualify.

But before that they review The Karate Kid as directed by patron Warren Leo (thanks Warren!) and jump off that to mini-review the first episode of the brand new follow up series, Cobra Kai.

Which means TV is STILL a thing on the show! Sort of. Maybe. Oh okay, a bit.

Time Stamps:

Recount: 2:16 - 9:16 The Karate Kid SPOILER-FILLED review: 10:05 - 27:12 Cobra Kai Episode 1 SPOILER FILLED review: 27:12 - 35:26 Top 10 Cyborg Films: 36:19 - 1:06:25 Listener Feedback: 1:06:25 - 1:13:02

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