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May 8, 2018

Episode 162: The Countdown Vs Sanspants Radio - Top 10 Disaster Films

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Hey folks, it's about to get REAL this week when Paul and Wayne face off with Kath and Carney from Sanspants Radio's Movie Maintenance Podcast to count down their Top Ten Disaster Films!

Things are slightly twister-y this week, because for the first time, Paul and Wayne have a COMBINED top ten list, which will go up against Kath and Carney's joint list! Who will prevail? The crusty-ass Countdown boys, or the fresh-faced, delightfully hilarious Movie Maintenance crew?

Twenty picks! Four Hosts! Two Lists! One screeching brown guy! And a whole new connotative meaning to the word "spasm" ...

Please thank Kath and Carney for coming on the show by checking out their awesome work at You can also catch them LIVE in Melbourne at the goodbye recording of Movie Maintenance on May 18th. Check out all the details @mmsanspants and get your tickets at Follow Carney @sidekickofdowie and Kath @kathatkins5 - even though she's on Instagram way more ...

Time Stamps:

Recount: 4:08 - 10:37 Top 10 Disaster Films Vs Sanspants Radio: 11:20 - 1:17:26 Listener Feedback: 1:17:26 - 1:31:09

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