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February 13, 2018

Episode 150: Top 10 Critically Panned Films That Were Actually Awesome / The Cloverfield Paradox

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How often do you disagree with what the critics have to say? Those hoighty-toighty, high-falutin', too-cool-for-school know-it-alls, who think, just because they've studied film, that they can tell the rest of us what to think about a movie? What about Rotten Tomatoes? Ever spat your morning coffee over your keyboard in shock at the score for the latest Michael Bay masterpiece?

Well, okay, that last part is a stretch, but Wayne and Paul most definitely are sick and tired of professional critics getting it wrong. And so this week on The Countdown, they're putting it right with their Top 10 Critically Panned Films That Were Actually Awesome (aka Go Blow, Critic!)

They also find the time to sneak in a review of the sneakily released The Cloverfield Paradox. Is this the future of film releases? Could theatres soon be as dead as drive-ins? The boys give their thoughts and opine on whether Netflix wisely spent their money in acquiring this one ...

All this AND a very moving tribute by Paul to The Soundboard as The Countdown continues!

Time Stamps:

An Ode to a Fallen Comrade: 1:07 – 3:20 Recount: 5:18 – 10:00 The Cloverfield Paradox NON-SPOILER Review: 11:01 - 19:04 The Cloverfield Paradox SPOILER-FILLED Discussion 19:04 - 30:37 Top 10 Critically Panned Films That Were Actually Awesome: 31:11 - 1:14:47 Listener Feedback: 1:14:47 - 1:25:37

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