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September 26, 2017

Episode 130: Top 10 Happy (Movie) Endings / Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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You know what the world can use more of? Happy god-damned endings. Instead of kids getting their arms bitten off by a damn clown, how about some freaking positivity up in here? To this end, the boys get happy and slightly gooey in the nether-regions this week by counting down their top ten happy endings in movies! Of course, the requisite genital-based humour is prolific with such subject matter, so prepare yourselves for even more references to touching oneself than the show typically dishes up.

​And because they love them some Matthew Vaughn, the boys review the highly anticipated Kingsmen: The Golden Circle. Did the film live up to the hype? Or was the movie hobbled with a bad case of sequel-itis? Tune in and find out!

Time Stamps Recount: 2:32 - 8:14 Kingsman: The Golden Circle NON-spoiler Thoughts: 9:03 - 14:36 Kingsman: The Golden Circle SPOILER-Filled Review: 14:36 - 33:49 Top 10 Happy Endings: 34:33 - 1:13:55 Listener Feedback: 1:13:55 - 1:23:57

This week's promos are for the very funny gents out of the Midlands in the Uk, the Master Debaters podcast @_masterdebaters and the great Quote Unquote Guilty show hosted by good friend, Joe @QuoteGuilty Please also get back on our fantastic brother podcast, the Epic Film Guys, who have returned from hiatus at and on Twitter @EpicFilmGuys.

As promised the links to the very low quality trailers for Reap, the film Paul and Wayne made 20 years ago, can be found at and Good luck and "enjoy"! :P

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