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July 18, 2017

Episode 120: Top 10 Movie Song Moments / Baby Driver

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In this week's big Ep, Wayne and Paul review Edgar Wright's newest, Baby Driver, and determine whether a film so closely tied to music can work when it's not (quite) a musical. For once, the boys are largely in agreement, and the good will continues into The Countdown this week, as they each reveal their Top 10 Movie Song Moments. ie. The best moments in film that are made astoundingly amazing by the soundtrack that is playing over them.

Given Paul and Wayne have VERY different music tastes, you could be forgiven for thinking this one would have involved anger, cursing, and more incredulity than that associated with Wayne saying he still likes The Big Bang Theory. But as it happens, relations remain very positive throughout the Countdown, maybe even bordering on buoyant. (Though of course, things inevitably go pear-shaped for a few moments through Wayne's list, in particular.)

Then stick around until the end of the Ep as next Apple Podcast review incentive is revealed because it's an absolute doozy which has Wayne sweating buckets ...

Time Stamps Recount: 1:25 - 8:09 Baby Driver NON-spoiler Review: 9:12 - 19:22 Baby Driver SPOILER-Filled Review: 19:22 - 30:52 Top 10 Movie Song Moments: 31:45 - 1:02:18 Listener Feedback: 1:02:18 - 1:09:34

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