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July 5, 2016

Episode 66: Game of Thrones S6 / Top 10 Last 10 #8

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For the first time ever on The Countdown, Paul and Wayne go all crazy and cover both TV and movies in the same Ep?! They start with Wayne gushing all over the most recent season of Game of Thrones, while Paul offers a more critical perspective on the latest ten episodes of the smash-hit HBO series. Of course, this late in the game, there is no way to discuss the show without delving deeply into SPOILERS so steer clear of everything between 10:35 and 38:28 of this Ep if you've yet to see ALL of Season 6.

THEN the boys get down to business with 19 mini-reviews (one film makes both lists) in their Top 10 Last 10 Countdown. With thanks to the @cinereelists podcast for the use of the idea, the guys rank the last ten films they've seen from worst to best, and let you know when they cross the line from poor to recommended movies.

#PodernFamily promos spun in this episode are for Now That I'm Older @ImOlderPC and the great Moviesaurus Rex podcast @MRexPodcast.

Then, of course, there's also a promo for the show's US brothers, Nick and Justin aka The Epic Film Guys. You might recall Nick covered for Wayne in his absence so go back to check out those episodes if you missed them (54-56). And then show the guys some love by rating, subscribing and reviewing this amazing show at and checking out the EFG’s website at from where you can now also buy their sweet new T-shirts!

In other exciting news, Wayne and Paul are pleased to announce they have joined their first formal podcast network, the brand new Word Salad Productions Network. Check them out on their newly formed Twitter account @wordsaladpro

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