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A weekly comedic podcast in which two massive film buffs countdown a topic from 10-1 while throwing shade at the other’s list.

September 11, 2018

Episode 180: Top 10 Date Movies / The Nun

In this Ep, "Nun Shall Pass!" as Paul and Wayne tear down the latest film in the Conjuring universe; before giving what most would consider too much of an insight into what little "game" they have with women as they reveal their Top 10 Date Movie!

Be it early in the dating process, or after spending years with that special someone, the boys reveal some pearlers (and a bunch of dodgy choices) which are sure to bring you and your present or future-based significant other a little closer together.

Ohhh. (Was that a euphemism or sincere wish? You decide!)

Time Stamps:

Recount: 2:01 - 8:15

The Nun NON-SPOILER Review: 8:15 - 16:16

The Nun SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 16:16 - 21:35

Top 10 Date Movies: 21:35 - 1:09:31

Pop 10: 1:09:31 - 1:16:55

Guest spots!

- Paul was on good friend to the show, James Spence's own show called the Call to Action podcast talking the Top 10 Movies About Movies. Check out the discussion in all its glory @

- AND Paul also had the pleasure of guesting on the Best Darn Diddily Podcast with Miles and Richie talking the classic Simpsons Episode, Bart vs Australia! The Ep dropped since the boys recorded so it's not mentioned on air this week, but please check it out for an extra dose of TV-centric talk with a couple of massive Simpsons fans! You can check it out on iTunes or at

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