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June 12, 2018

Episode 167: Top 10 Scariest Scenes / Hereditary

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Who's up for hearing about Wayne soiling his pants in a theatre? Everyone? Great.

Join the fellers for a round of countdowning aimed squarely at the sphincter, as Wayne kicks and screams his way through Hereditary (aka a damn fine horror film)! Delight in Paul's mirth at watching Wayne squeal like a little whiny-ass wuss, then nod/curse along as the fellers count down their top ten scariest scenes ever put to film.

Will Wayne sack up and out himself through the horror movie wringer to produce a good list? Or is this another case of squealing man-child fumbles the ball? Find out as The Countdown continues ...

Time Stamps:

Recount: 6:00 - 8:33 Hereditary NON-SPOILER Review: 8:33 – 19:03 Hereditary SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 19:03 – 27:06 Top 10 Scariest Scenes: 27:06 – 1:08:11 Listener Feedback: 1:08:11 - 1:16:40

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