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April 24, 2018

Episode 160: Top 10 Film Antiheroes / Rampage (w/ Who Spiked the Puns? & Shaken Not Nerd podcasts)

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In the final Wayneless Episode (Virtual Wayne not withstanding), Paul is joined by two good friends from Namely, Fuzzy Dan from the Who Spiked The Puns podcast at and Dudi Deutrom from Shaken Not Nerd at

To kick things off Fuzzy, Dudi and Paul review the newest Dwayne Johnson "blockbuster", Rampage, which re-teams the star with the director of San Andreas. Two of the hosts go a little savage on the film, while the third defends it grimly as "popcorn" entertainment.

Then it's time to see just how often the hosts between them can "Pull a Dudi" (which is basically when you haven't seen a film which everyone would expect you have. ie. nowhere near as rude as you might have initially thought) as the guys countdown their Top 10 Film Antiheroes. Who has trouble sticking to film as a medium? Who righteously loves it when someone else hasn't seen one of their entries? And who tries to shoehorn in reference to a film not yet made? (Protip: The answer to all of these questions is Dudi.)

Please thank Dan and Dudi for filling in for Wayne by checking out their excellent shows, and tell 'em The Countdown sent you!

Time Stamps:

Recount: 2:32 – 8:25 Rampage NON-SPOILER Review: 9:12 – 17:18 Rampage One SPOILER-FILLED Discussion: 17:18 – 29:58 Top 10 Film Antiheroes: 30:59 – 1:28:40 Listener Feedback: 1:28:40 – 1:39:33

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