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April 10, 2018

Episode 158: Top 10 Movie Fights (w/ the Epic Film Guys & So I Married a Movie Geek podcasts)

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This week Paul decides to have some fun by returning to an old topic which has long since disappeared from the server with the Top 10 Movie Fights (or, somewhat more generally, Conflicts). And in keeping with the spirit of the topic he decided to recruit two guest hosts who are renowned through the PodFix Network for their polar opposite views on most things movie-related. So, here's an appropriate intro to both "competitors" ...

In the red corner, out of New York State, weighing in at 140-odd episodes, it's the man who puts the hate into Haterade, the Count of Criticism, Epic Film Guy Nick Haskins!

And up against him in the blue corner, straight out of the 'burbs of Los Angeles, weighing in at 300 plus episodes, it's the Paragon of Positivity, the Emperor of Enthusiasm, So I Married a Movie Geek's Justin Winters!

These two fierce competitors are not about to let their opponent get the better of them as they offer their wildly disparate views on various films. And with not one but TWO Soundboards in play through this Ep, things are sure to get a touch out of hand ...

So, without any further delays, let's get ready to banter!

Please thanks Nick and Justin for covering for Wayne (who is doing well btw #200ForWayne) by checking out their respective shows at and

Time Stamps:

Recount: 3:22 - 6:48 Top 10 Movie Fights/Conflicts: 7:35 - 1:28:50 Listener Feedback: 1:28:50 - 1:37:33

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