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June 18, 2017

Bonus Episode 7: Jenette Goldstein Interview

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In a very special bonus Episode of The Countdown, Paul talks with one of his favourite character actors from one of his absolutely favourite films: the one, the only, Jenette Goldstein!

Jenette talks about what got her into acting, details how she got her first feature film role as the amazing PFC Vasquez in Aliens, before explaining how the role of Diamondback in Near Dark alongside Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen came along. She discusses the differences between James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow as directors and names her favourite film that she ever appeared in beyond the already mentioned films.

You might also be surprised to learn what she is doing with (most of) her time now, but you can find out a whole bunch more by heading on over to

Jenette is even a good enough sport to list her three favourite films, and then imagines what Vasquez's favourite three films might also be if she were around today.

Jenette was a delight to interview and so giving of her time. So please head on over to @jenettebras on Twitter and/or Instagram and follow her as a way of saying thanks. And don't forget to mention The Countdown sent you!

Finally, Jenette will also be appearing at a series of cons in the UK through August as organised by @Showmasters. So if you can get to Sheffield, Glasgow, or Bournemouth, you can meet her in person!

See you next Tuesday for the regular Ep as The Countdown continues ...


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